ZAP share and exchange exhibition – Miniature silverpoint drawing on gesso panel

scoliosis Scan 2-300dpi

Scoliosis (right thoracic curve) Miniature silverpoint drawing on gesso panel, 2.5 x 3.5″ 2013

This is the piece I had in ZAP’s share and exchange exhibition last week, click on the link below for more information;

Thursday 10 January 2013, 5-8pm

We celebrated ZAP’s first birthday with an instant exhibition, open to all artists, where all the artworks were exchanged randomly at the end of the evening.

Cos Ahmet, Judith Alder, Brian Appleby, Phil Baird, Ros Barker, Miranda Benzies, Kate Bowen, Sasha Bowles, Broughton Birnie, Shelley Calhoun, Gemma Cossey, Amelia Critchlow, Somaya Critchlow, Graham Crowley, Sally Crowley, Rosalind Davis, Dave Edmond, Bettina Fung, Yolanta Gawlik, Julia Hamilton, Kirsty Harris, Genevieve Hatton-Brown, Julie Henry, Catherine Herbert, Justin Hibbs, Denise Hickey, Sam Hodge, Bill Hudson, Catherine Jacobs, Natasha Khan, Fernando Leon-Guiu, Claire Manning, Karolina Magnusson, Jennie Merrell, Julia Miranda, Diana Mikula, Kate Murdoch, Kate Murray-Browne, Ed Parsons-Brown, Jane Ponsford, Chantal Purcell, Maire Quinn, Christina Reading, Ana Ruepp, Julia Russsell, Wendy Saunders, Ryan Scullion, Lisa Snook, Lucy Soni, Paul Stanley, Dani Tagen, Annabel Tilley, Rachel Wilberforce, Robert Worley, Carol Wyss, April Yasamee, Sophie Zhu.”