Collective Arts Brewing in Canada are featuring a work of mine on their labels



accordion kirsty harris artist

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The image is from my Death By Instruments series – Accordion

Archival prints available here.

All the artists featured in series 2 of the project here.

“Series Two artists were selected from over 800 submissions form across the globe. These artists represent the very best talents, both emerging and established, from across Canada, the US, UK, Finland, Spain, Hungary, Australia and South Africa, among others. Thank you to all the artists, photographers and musicians for generously sharing your creativity for our beer lovers to enjoy and discover. We encourage you to check out each artist’s website, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook and help us with our mandate of supporting these remarkably talented artists.

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“Co-founders, Matt Johnston and Bob Russell are two creative junkies who share a love for fine craft beer and anything art-related. Taking the notion that creativity fosters creativity, Collective Arts Brewing is proud to be a ‘gypsy’ brewer; meaning they partner with various like-minded breweries who believe in innovation and taking an ‘artistic’ approach to beer making. Not only does this lower their carbon footprint and brew fresher beer, it ensures Collective Arts Brewing is not bound to a single brewery; free to create new ‘works of beer’ by collaborating with amazing brewers and brewmasters.

Just like the art that appears on the bottles’ labels, Collective Arts Brewing maintains that the beer inside is also a creative statement. Collective Arts Brewing collaborates with the best and brightest up-and-coming brewmasters who constantly create, experiment and push the boundaries of the classic beer styles. The company itself is comprised of a group that come from an eclectic background in the art, music and brewing worlds. As creative director and owner of Russell Branding, a leading North American brand and design firm, Bob created the brands for some of North America’s leading breweries and brings that touch of design and art to the table, while Matt’s 11-year brewing industry veteran status ensures consumers are getting a quality craft brew.”